I liked it. You made some nice changes and alterations that added a nice spin on the original.

It conveys a different mood but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You're in tune and whatnot, you're just a little faster and your voice is a bit heavier.
The echo was really good in parts, although distorted in others.

Great job nonetheless. The ending "YEAH!" was completely unnecessary you sad sad little man.

Keep rocking on my asian brother. Mental orientals all the way.
i enjoyed the different spins you put on this song, you sped it up a bit and added a second vocal track which made it kinda cool, only i found the slowing down of the "what was..... in the morning...." part kinda messed with the overall feel of the song. but the playing was solid, and your cover kinda has a flaming lips feel to it, only with a deeper voice. in all, it was very nice =)