I have been playing bass for like 2 years or so. I hadn't ever really played any other bass until recently when i went to my guitar shop here in Topeka and was looking through them (to tell something totally irrelevant to the story that pissed me off, all of the basses were at the back of the store as if they weren't important) and i found an acoustic. I picked it up and started playing it and was amazed at the different tone it gave to some of my own little diddy's.
A few days before that, i was down in lawerence and found a MM5, and started playing that. It to sounded good, but was heavy and the fifth string felt out of place (but i think thats from playing a four string for such a long time)

My question to you, the bass loving folk out there, is which should be my next purchase, the 4 string acoustic or the 5 sting electric?
What is the brand of the acoustic? I still haven't played an ABG I honestly loved.You say the 5th string felt out of place. Why not go with a EBMM Stingray 4 string?
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Electrics are generally more usful than acoustics, but if you really like the bass you already have or are more comfortable with playing it, it might be cool to have an acoustic rather than another electric. I would take the MM5 because my bass sucks, and I really need a better one.
dammit...i just went and played the acoustic (spent an hour in the shop) and forgot to find the brand of it.

It was a cool jam session, some guy came in thats well known there and started playing blues with one of the emplyoees banging the drums and i was sitting there with a scheter 5-string and just started hitting random notes....it was awesome

and, Yertle, i have a 4 string already, so i'd just like to branch into something different. I think the displacement i feel from the new string would go away pretty fast, because i was using it and muting it like it was just another string during that blues session i just talked about
Actually, I was looking at 5 string fretless acoustics the other day.

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Stingray Stingray Stingray! I seriously couldn't recommend it more. I ****ing love mine.
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If you felt that a 5 string 'Ray felt out of place why not check out a 4 string MM 'Ray? It might change your mind about the acoustic bass.
gday mate, ive also been playing for about 2 years, i stater off with a ****ty little ashton begginner bass and it got me through the basics.... about half a year ago i needed to upgrade because my little ashton started playing up.... soo i bought a musicman S.U.B 4 string and i absouloutly love it!!! it is so versatile and great... if your not looking on spending as much as a stingray this bass is for you.... about 4 months after that i bought and electric acoustic and i have found it sensational... its not the best there is but if you want to jam with your mate or band guitarist, you can just have an acoustic session which is great.....not amps, plugs, leads, or anyhting....and you can take it anywhere....like when you go on holidays and you really NEED to play bass etc....
but i reccommend getting the music man whether its 4 or 5 string... youll find how much easier you learn on a great bass, and how much improvement you get..... then move onto the acoustic......
thats my life story.. you can make your own decision however haha
Well, I guess this all depends on what you'd use more. I would get the Stingray, because I almost never would need to play acoustic. If you're not in a band, or you're in a band like the Violent Femmes, grab the acoustic. They are both totally different beasts.

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