Has anybody here owned or playing one of these guitars? or even one of the models very close to them?

I am looking to find any information on it that I can get.

^-- don't buy either. they are cheaply constructed out of cheap materials.
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^-- don't buy either. they are cheaply constructed out of cheap materials.


The DX series of guitars are worse than the $60 guitars you can buy at walmart. They are the most cheaply constructed guitars on the Market. I'm not saying this as a Martin hater. If you check the posts that I've made in the last day or so you will see that I was just telling somebody that they should spent $1,000 on a Martin. Martin makes some of the best guitars out there but there DX guitars are all total crap. I admit they sound good in the beginning but they delaminate and fall apart quickly so your nice sound will quickly turn into garbage
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Well, that's strange to hear. I've had a Martin DX1 for about a year and a half now, and have nothing but good things to say about it. In my opinion, it sounded just as good as the higher end Martin models, and was much cheaper. Mine is the same as the one they have here...


...except I got it for $500, brand new at Guitar Center. Maybe they've raised the price since then. Nothing on my guitar has fallen off or even had any problems at all.
^For guitars a year an a half is still new... give it 2 or 3 years. The delamination stars sooner in humid climates than it does in dry climate and if you are lucky it takes a long time before it starts, if it starts at all, but it is very very VERY common for these martins to fall apart. As a luthier I have seen more Martin X series guitars than any other guitar, and the X series is still new phenomenon.
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umm.. i feel kinda bad now... i bought 1 recently in singapore.. 4 bout $1.2 sing.. converts to bout 840 american... hmm.. should i sell it away???
guitar sounds great though... anything i can do to prolong sound?? n prevent it frm.. delaminating??

plz dun make fun me 4 not reading this earlier...
Keep it in a humidity controlled room and it won't delaminate. It's the humidity shift that kills them.
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but then.. humidity wise.. i m bringing this guitar frm singapore, which has relatively high humidity, to perth,australia, which has low humidity.. so do i need to do anything??