can anyone tell me how to tune half a step down? i know its Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb, but i dont know how flat it should be. thanks
fret 1stfret of each string and tune as normal on your tuner
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If you know how to realtive tune (play 5th fret on the E and it should sound the same as an open A) you can do the same thing only use the 6th fret insted of the 5th, then, after it's in tune, use the 5th to tune the A to Ab, and so on, just make shure to watch out for the G to B because you have to use the 4th fret on the G not the 5th fret...hope I helped and didn't confuse you...
I just capo the first fret and tune as normal then then take the capo off after tuning
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I don't know how well it works, but u know how u can tune ur guitar by using the 5th fret to measure the sound on the other strings? well, tune ur guitar standard and then on low E string, tune down to make the 6th Fret equal the A string above it. Then tune all the other strings the same way so that its the 5th fret again. IF that didn't make sense, then I'm sorry. I'll delete this reply. Lemme know.

i suggest you delete that.
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