Louis Jordan.....often accompanied by his tympany five anyone else love him??

I know his music isnt exactly guitar-lead, but since he is Jazz/rnb/swing I thought that this would be the right place for him.

Fell in love with his music ever since I discovered him a few years back- dug out a couple albums out recently and still think its great.

If I had to wittle down a favourites list.... would have to be:

Knock me a kiss (everyone has heard this at one point even if they didnt know what it was)
Don't let the sun catch you crying
Choo Choo Chboogie
Ain't nobody here but us chickens
Beans and Cornbread
Doug the jitterbug

Howabout you guys? Weve got to have some 30s-50s jazz fans on here....
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