Is this a god guitar i just started play 2-3 weeks ao and i dont know if its good but i like it so yea just want an answer and it was only 99 $ for clearence and its in mint condition since he day i bought it...
I think that Peavey are awsome guitars to start with alogn with squiers but after about 2 monthes of playing youd wanna upgrade to something like an ibanez or something cause those raptors dont hold great tone at all, also depends on your music hard rock not good light rock blues pretty good btu upgrade
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ok kool im 13 so i thought it would be a nice start but i think im gonna get a les paul like in a year cuz my dad just bought a new house and buying a 99$ guitar was the best i can go with so yea but its not like im poor my parents a doctors lol dont mean to brag sorry but yea tight budget ever since we have to go to india and et my bro married and we r buying a 1.5 mil house and i dun wanna stress him out...
Yea, I've played a Raptor, I had oen actually, but I traded my uncle it for a Squier (my uncles so awesome!!! ), and it was Koren I think, Yea, it'd be great for starters. The US ones are great though, but any Raptor would be good for a start.
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Quote by Siciliano
Peaveys that are made in the USA are great guitars.

and this helps him how? yeah the raptors are pretty good. better than some squiers
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