Hey guys, i was playing on my guitar one day, and i moved my amp and i kind of dropped it while it was on (not from very high up, maybe 1-2 inches) any ways it seems like when i play more then 1 string at a time, the vibrations are really weird, they make this god awful sound (only with distortion) kind of like the strings are vibrating at different times. Hard to explain, maybe someones had this problem before! Thanks
hmm, i've never had that problem before, maybe something just slipped out of place.
How long have you had it?
is it quite old?
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Solid state amp, pretty new, about 2 months old. Im not sure whats wrong with it, wack! Ill try out some more settings, not sure what i could of done. I only dropped it from maybe 2 inches high, now when i distort it alot and let the notes ring, it sounds very bad.