hey guys this is my first post here. musicianforums is always down now for some reason so i came here. anyways ive been playing for a while now and i always have a really good, heavy rythme tone. the thing is my lead tone always sucks when i play shows and i have no idea why. it might be to much feedback, i dont know. i use an ESP standard eclipse-II with emg 85/81 through a krank revo head and krank cab with a 31-band EQ, i mean my lead tone shouldnt suck.
not so much tone as just getting rid of fuzz, if when you crank your amp up with disd. it gets a fuzzy sound it will get rid of that
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It'll remove the noise, and possibly feedback, though it'll probably actually take away from your tone unless you get a one thats very transparent (the favourite one around here is the ISP Sonic Decimator)...but then again, the noise will be gone

Mess with you're EQ settings if you want a better lead tone. Maybe try less gain and a overdrive pedal in front or something too.
What are your settings? Chances are, that your rythmn settings are just not ones that will do well with a lead tone.

Also, a Krank and EMG's, IMO, will lead to a very sterile, shrill tone. IMO though.

Dial in a good rythmn tone on your amp, then use the EQ (is the loop on the amp footswitchable?) on solos, with the proper adjustments!
ok heres the thing, i can get a good lead tone but it will take away from my rythme tone. i need both so will an overdrive pedal help that? i cant really turn my gain down anymore because its already at like 7 and if i turn it down more ill loose a lot of well, heavyness i guess u could say.