i tried out the marshall dsl401 today and it sounds awesome, the guy in the shop will get me the limited edition blue for £400. i was just wondering if there was a way of emulating a good mesa boogie sound with it? would something like an EQ pedal help?

and buying a mesa amp is not an option seeing as theyre all well over a grand here in the uk

cheers for the help
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not really, marshall and mesa distortion is completely different unfortunately... i guess if you wanted both you could buy a decent amp modeller?

I discoverd that the mesa/boogie dual rectifier models on my GT8 are actually very, very good a few days ago.

If I ever come across an awful lot of money I'm definatley getting one
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ive got an me-50 if that helps? im not too sure if itll sound good with a tube amp seeing as this is gonna be my first
from the amp itself, probably not. dsl's do have great sound though. an EQ pedal may help you if you wanted to lower the mids more for that mesa (recto i suppose) sound, or also using a distortion pedal of some kind. mesa does make a v-twin pedal that acts as a preamp i believe it does have a tube in it but i've never toyed with one.
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it's easier to get a Marshall sound with a Boogie than vice versa. An EQ might get you in the same ballpark, but you won't get anywhere really close. The texture of the distortion is so much different with 6L6s...
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