Here's my latest. It basically all acoustic, with a solo. Its different from the songs I usually post up here. No pianos, or galloping rhythms, its very mellow, the only really not mellow part is the solo. Anyways, give it a listen and tell me what you think.
Angel Divine.zip
It sent me to sleep, in a nice way. Has the same nice feeling that most of your songs usually have.
i'm impressed. you seem to have a very mechanical method about your composing. i mostly like what i hear, but i'll want it to go somewhere it doesn't, get bigger or something. this was great though. i wanted the guitar to hit a really high note at the end of the solo. probably 2nd to last bar or even the last too, just have a short slide up to a high note with some vibrato; that'd sound rad. maybe it's a cliche to end guitar solos with one high note, but you could still have it in the 2nd to last measure and go down to a lower note after that. there was one point where you had an A major chord and the solo guitar hit a C. i think that's what it was...big mistake, haha. i don't think i heard any other wrong notes. maybe just another one of those type things somewhere. nice work though. that's a sweet rhythm with the muted notes, especially with the solo guitar going on over it. why no bass?

here's my latest:
comment on the final version would'ja?
i didnt get a chance to listen to all of it, but damn,thats bad ass, in the pretty way, lol, it flows so well, even when all the overdriven lead comes in, like its amazing how well you make your songs flow like that, you and grovermans do that very well, im trying to get better at flowing and keeping the song going, like 9 out of 10!
it sorta sounds like that evanescense song in the beginning. cant remmeber the name right off...but it does to me anyway. but yeah i liked it, good job.
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Thanks for the comments.
hthedinga, I listened to it again a I heard what you were talking about with the C over the A major. About the high note, I was trying to decide whether to bend a to one or use the slide, to me the slide just seemed to fit better. Maybe I'll add bass, I'm not very good at it.
Thanks to the rest of you also.