hey everyone i was having a little problem when learning how to finger pick the famous "Classical Gas". I know how to finger pick fairly well, but at the one part near the beginning, it goes:


and i'm having a bit of trouble with the part that goes:


I use my thumb for all the bass notes, and i use my ring finger for all of the notes of the B string. I use my middle finger for all the notes on the G string. When I start playing fast, I find it difficult to play those 3 notes in a row with my middle finger.

Any suggestions to help with this problem?
Thanks in advance

I use my middle finger and first finger alternating for that part. That's just the way I play it.
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i use thumb for E A D and index for G middle for B and ring for e and Ive never run into any problems.
I use my thumb for E A D and I do alternating picado on G B E......The only time I will use my ring finger is when I do arpeggios....