K, so, the tab I posted before wasn't too original, I know. But here's something else I have...

I made this today playing on electric guitar with my friend. We thought, 'hey, let's make a SUPER ULTRA HEAVY METAL song so we can pretend to be so cool!', so we did!

Of course, this isn't any actual song, this is just fragments of what might be a simple song. I just started playing, and trying to remember the basics of heavy metal (SOUND LOUD AND DEEP!), I put together as many stereotypical sounding things as possible. Bad? you judge!

The first line would be the opening, the second line would be, yknow, the basic song, maybe... And the third line would be some sorta really heavy metal mosh-pit-loving 'solo'. Still under super-construction, but I just wanna share what I have so far!

I unno, I only made this in about fiteen minutes, cut me some slack
gavin is cool2.zip
Quite a nice ryhtm but it's only about 15 bars

I;m not the best at originality but i swear i've heard some of those riffs b4 sumwhere

keep going at it tho. writing songs is always the hardest part

P.s How do u start new threads?

You just started one so u must know
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lol Not much to go on here. Nice rhythm. Put a nice lead over the top of it. Keep going
its a great start, now add some melody, and maybe speed it up a bit, its really cool, or take that rhythm and change it up a bit with some PM's, but an awesome start, cant wait to hear it finished! crit any of mine if you wish, the Up All Night One is new, otherwise, there all in my sig