Ive got my band going pretty well and the tone in my new Crate VFX5112 isnt giving me what I want,... its a great amp, just not for what im trying to play.

Can someone tell me where to go to purchase Mesa/Boogie amps in the USA? And also, how much am I looking to spend on a Triple rectifier and 4x12 straight cab?

thanks if you can help me out
ebay. . .between 1500 and 3000 and probablly guitar center and what not
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don't get the triple recto, you'll never need that much wattage, a dual rec is loud enough
i have the same amp except with a 2x12 and am upgrading to a Dual Rectifier myself.

I'm buying one from a local warehouse, First Quality Music.
Check Mesa's website for dealers near you.

I'd get a Dual Recto if I were you. Its easier to push without killing any small children within the area and no one needs 150 watts of tube power unless your Spinal Tap or something.
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Yeah... my Dual... is just.... really LOUD. I couldn't and wouldn't imagine the Triples output with 50 more watts..... that's just crazy. However, Mesa Rectos IMO kick ass. That my friends is just one reason I bought it. Alright... later-much.
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^ The extra 50 watts doesn't add much audible difference, there's only like a 6dB difference between the two. It's mostly just for headroom, not really a volume issue.
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