when i play my guitar through my amp it cuts out almost every minute and when i move the cable around the sound comes through the amp and then stops the next minute, i know its not because my outjack is loose because ive tightened it numorous times. and i also know its not the amp because its happened to me on a bunch of other amps. does anyone have any other ideas of what the problem could be?
Sounds like you need a new cable. Get a decent quality cable, not a cheap one. You'll end up saving money in the long run.
your volume pot or a short in the cable
Jackson ke-3
Peavey supreme 100

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if uve tightened the output jack, without taking the plate off first, uve probably spun the jack and ripped off or loosened one of the two wires attached to the jack.

this problem is so common i made a picture explaining how to tighten a loose jack.

i guess u can take off the plate and see if the wires are still attached correctly.
one might fall off. so u would need a soldering iron to heat the wire and reattach it.

its either this or ur cable is bad, like said.

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yeah either u have a short in your cable or wut jj said, its happened to me a few times but ive just replaced the cable and i was fine
yeah my little thing that holds the cable (jj's pic) in was bent back far enough that the cable didn't lock in, so i just basically pushed it and tightened it and it worked fine
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