I don't post here much, or at all really, but since I do have a name here I figured I'd get some opinions and suggestions on a bass and amp combo. I'm pretty new at it, I started playing somewhere around August of last year, but I'm working with a terrible set-up: An Epiphone EB-0 and a Lyon 15-watt amplifier bought at wal-mart...the sound is horrid and the amp produces a lot of noise. Basically I'm looking for a good practice amp, there is really no need for a full-powered stage-amp...I don't plan on taking the stage for quite a few years, when my high standards consider myself a good bassist. Soon I'll be looking for a new amp, and shortly afterwards I'll get a new bass...I'm saving up, so I may be able to get some of the nicer high-end basses like the Rickenbacker 4003 or a Fender Jazz...the ones I'm currently looking into, due to the lack of a Ric dealer here, are the Ibanez SR1000 Prestige models, and the SR900, all with the neck-thru design for the sustain. If anyone has or had any of these, can I get some opinions on them? My bass influences are Les Claypool(As with just about everyone), Flea, Geddy Lee, and Stanley Clarke for the most part...and I don't use picks, so I'm playing the traditional way...just in case that's a factor. Mostly I need an amp, so I'd rather get amp suggestions than bass suggestions. Thanks.
id get a crate. I just played one today and it sounded beautiful...although i can't really remember the id, it was like $220, which isn't bad...i guess
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Well, Rickenbacker basses have a VERY distinct sound, very vintage. It's not going to give you a very flea/stanley clarke sound. However, Les Claypool and Geddy did use them. (though Les doesn't use his very often). So, I think you should look into something else other than a ric unless you've played one before.

I suggest looking at Fender Jazz basses. Look for vintage ones if you can. Those will give you the best tone. If you have over $1000 US to spend, Ibanez isn't always the best place to go. You also might want to try out Warwick, but there are people who love and hate them. Personally, I love warwick. You just need to play the right one. If you buy them online, its pretty much a hit or miss. So with Warwick, play the one you want to get before buying it. Also, check out Musicman basses. They will get you a pretty decent Stanley Clarke tone.

Amp wise, check out the Gallien-Krueger combos or the SWR combos. I recommend the SWR combos, because they hold out for a long time and will give you great tone. They arn't too expensive either. Check out the Eden Nemesis combos. I havn't played one, but they have a reputition around here.

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Yeah, I know Rics are a bit different, but a friend of mine has one and I love the sound he gets...of course he's got an Ampeg cabinet which is nice as hell...but the Jazz bass sounds good, looks good, and will probably get me the sound I want...I plan on saving for as long as it takes to get a good bass...the Epiphone's SG replica look is nice, but it doesn't get the jazzy sound I want...I'm also looking into a Tune 6-string...I play with a 3-piece band, so a the extra notes would help a lot. I've never heard of Musicman...I thought Clarke played an Alembic or something like that...I know he owns two Thompsons, I think they're piccolos, but I'm not sure. But I love his early stuff...especially Desert Song, which sadly I haven't found a tab for.