it will be better than last yr, thats for damn sure.
When I hit 'em from the back, I got them mami's saying dammit man.

When I put it in their mouth, I got them mami's saying duh-huh-huh-muhh.
Afi and NoFx are on it. So it will be decent. Last year wasnt bad but there were almost 0 punk bands. A7X and Atreyu were on it. Good bands but not realy punk.
oh yea, since your a Sum 41 fan I think it would be appropriate to tell you they pulled out because of Dave incase you didnt know.
Already went, on the 1st in Dallas, it was amazing. I missed sksk because I was too busy almost throwing up, that pissed me off. however, I was recovered enough to see Chiodos, which was amazing.