My aunt recently let me take any of her albums I wanted. Among these I took an album entitled "I Just Can't Stop It" by the English Beat. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to them on account of my record player needs repair, but i wikipediad them and it said it was considered an essential album for anyone into ska. So is there anybody who have heard of these guys before? Who do they sound like? And are they any good?
They are awesome. Some of their stuff sounds pretty 2-tone, and some of it is pretty unique. Why don't you guys like them?
Special Beat's (members of Specials and English Beat) cover of "Time Longer Than Rope" by Prince Buster is really good.

I got to see them do "Stand Down Margaret" right when Margaret Thatcher stepped down, which was pretty cool.
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Ive seen them thousands of times, my band was supporting them a few months ago, ****in great band
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yea they were on 2-tone records back in the late-70's early 80's and made a bunch of really good songs

though dave wakeling seems like a douche
holy fuck its wayne brady!!!!
I like Mirror in the Bathroom. That's a good song. I don't even like ska.