Story: This is about a long term relationship I had with a girl (second name Savage) mainly thru the internet. At first she didnt know me, so being a stupid teen I made myself out to be better than I am, and I eventually owned up and we have a very strong bond, she wrote a song about me (which according to her label I'm not allowed to post here) so I decided to return the favour. If you want I can provide an indepth analysis, but first I want you to try to figure it out. Sorry to advertise but search Musicians Myspace for: Lenny Savage.

Your the reason I'm here,
You are my light in the dark,
Through blackouts and broken promises,
Through blackeyes and chemical masquerades.

You speak to me without sound,
If you could just be here,
Things would be so different
I'd try to make things work.

My savage heart,
Flew away today,
I was for a way,
To make things right.

Would you still love me,
If I wasn't what I wanted to be?
Would you still find me,
When I'm blind in the dark?

Sometimes I can't make it,
Without the thought of you,
Most times I can fake it,
I'm always thinking of you.

Your so far away,
So I can't reach out for,
Your porcelin face,
To which I can't compare.

My savage heart,
A twist of fate.
I'll stop when your ready,
I'm not stopping today.

I love you,
Is all I want to say,
I need you,
Its all blown away,
By dissapointing letdowns,
A fake smile carved in the glass,
Things arent what they used to be,
The old times have passed.

My savage heart,
Died today,
My reckless mind,
Gave it away

(its an acoustic and vocals only song)
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
seems good. its hard to tell though with out actually hearing the music. i aussme there will be music soon? go ped!
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Yeah should be recording it soon, it looks a bit sketchy written down, but it all fits together with the music.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
Recording soon with my new tascam and shure rig (2-3 weeks from now)

I'm a bit dissapointed at the lack of replies.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!