...if the worst comes to worst and my band split, im willing to make a band out of the bassist n drummer left over....and considering this is a track we really wanna cover, i need help on singing/rapping whilst playing 'Killing In The Name Of...'

im sorta ok on the verses, but its the chorus and outro ("**** you i wont do what ya tell me!") that i struggle with... perhaps a stroke timing underneath some lyrics?

any help will be greatly appreciated... thanks!
It's about being able to do one subconsciously and without thought - leaving your thought process path clear to concentrate on the other thing.

Try perfecting the guitar part to the point where you can play it while concentrating on a photo on the wall or something similar - then concentrate on memorizing the singing part.

Once you have them both down to a tee it becomes alot easier to blend them together without tripping over your tongue or fucking up the strumming pattern - I find.
I've found the easiest thing to do is to learn the guitar like a madman and play it subconciously while rapping it out.

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I was gonna say, RATM isn't really singing, but I see what you mean. It is very important you learn that guitar like no other. Trying it over and over till you get it rightl. It's going to be frustrating, but that's how you gotta grow sometimes. I'm still frustrated with the fact
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