I'd plain stay away from the Performer series in all fairness. Poor quality wood and hardware.

Fair enough, change the neck and pickups but if you want a decent guitar you'll be wanting to replace the bridge system as well. Putting that amount of work into it just doesn't seem right in my book.

That one there doesn't look in too bad a condition at all but I wouldn't pay much more than the price its at right now.
i aint replacing the bridge system, i like floyds. i have a jackson performer ps1 so i know what the hardware would be like.
I don't mean because its a floyd bruv. I've owned a couple of the Performers in the past, a Dinky styled model and a Kelly styled, the hardware is awful. Its cheap, nasty built stuff and needs work to keep it from going sour especially as they are indeed aging.

Its your choice at the end of the day, but I'd see a better deal in purchasing a body r body blank made from something worthwhile instead of buying that and replacing close to every part.
but listen

i am replacing the pickups and neck,
if i get a rr3 i still will be replacing the pikcups and the neck
well listen, if my max bid exceeds i wont be getting it anyway. i am just saying that i am going to be replacing the hardware, except the floyd but i block the floyd in with blocks so it wont move and be basically a fixed bridge.
Fair enough mate, but I still think you'd be better off spending that $230 on a body blank or pre-cut made of a quality wood rather than taking that and doing the apropriate modifications.

Good luck with whatever you do though.
put some Duncan Distortions in it and jam, thats got a nicer trem than the new models with the JT580, it looks like its a schaller.