I need help on writing lyrics.

Whenever I write something, halfway through the song, I run out of inspiration.

So please, help me think of stuff to inspire me to write GOOD songs.

And some rhymes would help too.

Any help would be awesome.


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Usually, when I write, I never wrote a song all at once. Only very rarely have I ever. Love songs are easy to write in one sitting. I usually just see stuff, and think about things, and then try to make them come out on paper cleverly rhymed or something. Just take a walk outside, go to a bar, read a book...get ideas into your head and then put them in an audible form
OKay well since I'm nice do you have AIM? I can THINK i can write decent lyrics and can help if you do have AIM Im me-Razielc3 but if not what kind of lyrics do you wish you could write? Emo,metal country etc.?
You can find inspiration all around you. Read books. I usually read philosophy and physics books, I get tons of inspiration from them. And like Serrana said, go for a walk, or go to a bar. Expose yourself to new ideas and new people. Try to make it meaningful. Let me know if you need anymore help. Good luck.
Try writing from someone or something elses perspective. That get's my creative juices going. Or write something very simple and upfront, then go back and replace everything with analogies and symbolism. then tidy it up with rhythem, meter, and a rhyme scheme.