dnag that was really good i liked it alot, i really liked the last eight bars of the solo it kinda sonunded like a jeff loomis nevermore solo
well i'm sure that i don't like it, haha. no, it's not too shabby, but just seems like some of they rhythms are creative, but not really valuable, like there's already enough odd things going on. maybe not enough contrast either. it kind of seems like there wasn't enough normal stuff going on, but that there was just a lot of inbetween stuff, like a small piece of cake dipped in a vat of frosting, if that makes sense. the interlude slides reminded me of jimmy or whoever from south park talking. maybe that's just me though. as for the solo, it was fast and all, but didn't seem as worthwhile as it could have. i enjoyed some of it though. nice effort. i listened to the whole thing twice, so that says something.

maybe you could check out my latest?
(it's not incomplete anymore; i just don't know how to change the title)
my only beef is that the solo isnt amazing and the riffs arent too memorable but it sounds like opeths attempt at melodic metal. and thats a huuuggeee complement if u dont know who Opeth is. Progressive Melodic Metal.... u get a big fat gold star for originality

soo much n00bage
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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
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wow thanks guys! maybe I should post more songs?

hthedinga, I'll check it out right now - edit: commented
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all the links work for me, its just that i must have forgot to actually post the song on one of them (Castlevania Wannabe Acoustic) lol, but they all work for me, thanks for looking at my stuff!