How did you get that effect on Vacuum? I gotta use that. Anyway yeah, Vacuum seems really quite cool, I'm a fan of that. As for Noise, I thought it was getting a bit Slash-y at times, but altogether it was kinda sloppy.
thanks so far for the good feedback
and HyperFeedback I'll crit yours in like an hour, right now, I'm listening to Dream Theater (just got into them) so yeh an hour.
your shreddage is awesome. im a bass player and i'm trying start the lead guitar to learn the essence of "the shred" and i can't figure it out, give me some tips!!!!!!!!!
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thanks, but I can give you some tips, but i wouldn't say I'm a shredder, I'm not up to 12nps yet, but frankly that really doesnt bother me. Now, I need to work alot on what I'm about to say, but it's helpful. First off, its not all about speed, it's about technique and accuracy, and clarity. Learn theory, and some scales. Learn on keeping time, staying in on time. Learn some solos, and when you do, make sure your timing is correct, and your hitting all the notes. Learn some licks to throw in there. If your learning something faster then you can play start at a slow speed and build on it. Umm, learn to play rhythm guitar, for this will help out your solos, and make them sound better. Also when learning something, its one thing to learn it, but figure out why they did things certain ways, and the technicallity of it. For example lets say you learn a tapping part, but if you study it, you may see there tapping out the backing chord progression. Also if you use the chord tones of the back tones, it will help the solo stand out. I relize i may have gone off topic of how to shred, but yeh, just slowly build up speed, and perfect your technique before you do, and im pretty sure this belongs in the musician talk thread.