so i wasn't quite sure where to post this, but i decided that india has so much respect for her musical roots (i remember her giving stevie ray vaughn a shout out on her first cd) and is an accomplished guitarist, so she deserved better than the 'other' category. anyway, i've been listening to india's new 'testimony' cd a lot lately, and i really love it. her voice and lyrics are so positive and pure; her arrangements are very modern but harken back to a lot of more traditional folk/blues artists. i really highly recommend the whole cd, but my favorites are probably 'hope', 'summer', 'good morning', and 'better people' . . .her songs never fail to bring a smile to my face. if you haven't heard her, my friend at umgd showed me her website you can hear some of it on (www.myspace.com/indiaarie), or u can get it at itunes too. i'm interested in knowing your thoughts .
Despite the fact that you seem quite taken with her, I really dont think this belongs here. There is nothing blues or jazzy about her. Infact, its kind of an insult to all of us that you think she's an "accomplished guitarist". I remember hearing that hit song she had a few years back... it made me cringe
accomplished guitarist? Hardly....what was the name of that song?^ I'm trying to remember it..anyway. this has nothing to do with blues or jazz.
Besides who dosn't give a shoutout to SRV.. hes influenced so many artists.
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