Hey everyone, i have been playing the bass for about a year now, and i play in a local heavy metal band. We started off in drop d tunning, and my guitarist keeps on going lower to drop b, which paul from slipknot plays in. My Ibanez GSR300 just cant hold that low of a tuning. Any suggestions for a bass that can hold a drop b tuning in a moderate price range? pleaze include some model names. Thanks a ton!
ibanez gsr205? and tell the guitarist to get a seven stringer or baritone if he's gonna play that low.
grab the peavey millenium 5 string. theres not much cheaper than it, and for metal it will be fine if you have a cab large enough to handle it. i suggest NOt buying any rogue bass, even though their prices can be luring. rogue pretty much blows if you want to play anything serious... i bought their ftetless 4 string for 129 and it wasnt even worth that much. ive played the 5 string and it doesnt seem much better. peaveys are always reliable, though. get a deep bass cab to hadle the lows, or just slap your guitarist in the face and tell him to stop fooling around.
I would go for a five string. No four string can handle drop B with a good sound and in tune. The Ibanez Soundgear 5 string is a good choice and not that expensive.
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Octave pedal? different gauge string? i'm thinking of while you save for a five stringer...
yeh, i guess if you dont feel like getting a 5 string bass, which in your case i rekon you proably should, you could always just play the same notes as him just a higher octave...
but hmmm Drop b? your string would be dangling to your knees aY?
When you say moderate pricerange, what do you mean (like $200-$450 USD?)

Your best bet is going to be to get a 5 string, as everyone else said above me. Search around here for some favorites. If you have $580 to drop, I would give an Ibanez SR505 a shot.

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or gettinhg a BTB 4string, ideally not the cheap one, the other one also has an awesome finish too bad they don't have the fiver in that finish...