these are the lyrics to my bands song "racoon". i didnt write them, but i want to know what you all think. now i'll warn you, they are a bit odd and random.


A blackend cherry makes
Your head explode on Neptune
Everything gets louder and calls you
Boboon, Balloon, Basoon, Baffoon.
Return again and call the one
Who stole away the break of day
Call him out
and take his bird away

Ive got the flow
Ive got the flow

Time to get movin along
The red things on teh rise
I never thougth it would return again
But I'm in for a surprise
Pick out whatever you like
Take home what you choose
Cause with a name like Fergy
The only thing you can do is lose.

Ive got the flow
Ive got the flow
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whats wrong? what rule did he break? (so I dont do whatever it is in the future)

If you read the Forum rules you would know...

You are supposed to have the song title be the thread title
I particularly like them. It doesn't look like they're about anything in particular, but instead just a bunch of lines that don't need to make sense to be enjoyed.
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