Can someone tell me where i can learn this tapping technique where you tap like the root of a chord with your right hand and then play a melody with your left hand? like some book or dvd or website somthing? heres an expamle


my friend can do it on his bass he plays the star spangeld banner using this technique, and its really cool and i want to learn how to do it. so any help would be apreciated.
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thats crazy
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I've always wondered about his style. Perhaps you could email him about it? His email is bobzabek@gmx.at He is really cool about talking to people; i've email him a couple times to talk about gear, and he was really helpful. I'm sure he wouldn't mind telling you how he developed his technique.
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A lot of it is just legato and he holds one hand on the bottom for a rhythm type track and his fretting hand is the lead part. It's just a bunch of hammer-ons and pull-offs. Try just play some leady type stuff without picking and trying to make it kinda like your picking. Some good practice is the beginning part to thunderstruck that Angus Young plays even though it isn't that complex, it will help in this type of technique.
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