do you think david lee roth or sammy hagar was better in van halen? david lee roth is the man i hate sammy hagar. sammy hagar cant samari kick, jump real high, influenced eddie to do more keyboard less guitar, and cant do the high pitched voice of david lee roth example ( everybody wants some ,high pitched noise, i want some too , high pitched noise,)
definetly roth. van halen was all around a better band with him. they had so many great songs with him like panama, unchained, hot for teaher, aint talkin bout love. and yes, he did have the high pitched noise
Sammy Ruled. He brought a level of talent to the band that dave couldn't touch. People that like dave don't like the music of van halen they like dave. Dave is not Van Halen. Eddie is Van Halen and always will be. Sammy allowed Eddie to explore other aspects of his Vast talent. With sammy the band was able to further develop and blossom, this would not have happened with dave. Sammy is my man. Further evidenced by the fact that dave is no where to be seen, where as sammy is still out there rockin playin killer shows with Michael Anthony.
i'd have to say sammy because he could play the guitar along with eddie if eddie was playing piano or whatnot and piano sonds really good with van halen songs
David Lee Roth in terms of singing and showmanship. Sammy sucks because he made VH do the cheesy synthesizer more often. DLR is also one hell of a good singer and he still does shows*looks at grim1*! He's releasing an acoustic album of VH covers too.