Hi guys, I would like to make my own distortion pedal. I found that site http://www.schematicheaven.com/effects.htm that has a lot of models to choose from. I would like to know if the schematics are good. I would also like to know what would be the best pedal that is quite simple to build and that could give me metal distortion.

(better than a peavey blazer's disto)

boss metal zone is really good- I dont kno if its easy to build
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The schematics are good, but all of them are too complex for a first time builder. Do you know how to solder, read schematics, or anything about effects building? If this is a first build you should consider an easier pedal. Maybe if you want a distortion try a fuzz type pedal. They are very easy pedals to build.
What would be a good pedal for a first time builder

I have a basic electronics knowledge and can solder and hope to make a Wah, a distortion and a chorus pedal.

Does any one have any tips or good sites to look at for relatively simple pedals.

P.S i would put this in a new thread but i still haven't worked out how to make them
doive. dont build a wah or chorus until you are more experienced. i havent even built one yet. they are complicated. fuzz faces are very easy. www.generalguitargadgets.com and www.tonepad.com have a lot of pedals to build and some are easy.

some advice:
1. for the first build, buy a perf board a little bit bigger so you have more room to work.
2. practice soldering.
3. make sure you put a heat sink (metal clip) on the parts as you solder them so that they dont get overheated (the heat goes from the soldering iron to the metal heat sink).
4. buy a few extra parts just in case you mess one up.
5. when you have questions, post on here. they will be answered relatively fast. some good people to listen to are greenbox, seljer, that_pink_queen. they were the people that helped me the most so listen to them.
What makes the Chorus and wah pedals more complicated surely it just requires soldering in a few more components...

Ah well thanks for your help i think i'll start with a fuzz face any way to get a feel for it

btw are input jacks easy to find in shops and easy to wire up?
Yea input jacks are probably the easiest thing to solder and they are easy to find. Chorus pedals have special chips and certain harder to find parts and wahs are just, well, i dont know, i have never tried but I can imagine how hard it would be to find an enclosure.
I have a friend who know how to do all those things, he studies in electronics so he's going to help me with that, so it shouldn't be a problem

thanks for your replies