lately ive noticed tht my whammy bar is really loose in the hole that it screws into, and it doesnt tighten up anymore to where u cant tighten it anymore it just keeps spinning i think i like stripped the inside of it is thier some solution to this problem?
Get a new bridge? And next time maybe don't tighten your whammy bar up so tightly, when I use one (rarely to never) I like it to dangle down unless I'm holding it, you know - something farmiliar

I can't think of any way to just fix it other than that.
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well i know and i normally keep mine loose but i dont keep it tight im just saying like normally u can only tighten it to a certain extent without it straining and now it doesnt get tht tight it just stays the same. now i can almost just pull the bar right out without having to spin it around to get it out... and i dont think replacing a bridge is too easy
Try out a different whammy bar and if that is the problem, then just buy a new one. They are about 5 bucks. If not, then just replace the bridge. If you have a Strat style bridge, it shouldn't be too hard. But if it is a Floyd Rose, then it would be harder since your bridge might not be a direct swap with an OFR or LFR, that would require routing.
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Heres a quote from warmoth on a strat bridge


It will cost more if you have someone replace it for you.

I also have a strat. A friend who's been playing for about 35 years, and also an avid strat and van halen fan, told me I probably shouldn't use a whammy bar on a regular strat bridge. He explained that when you push on it you either forced the metal bridge to bend or pushes it so it pushes into the guitar body. He said they weren't really designed for whammy bar use and told me its not very good for it. It makes sense to me, and considering how much my strat is worth to me and how little I use a whammy bar, I just don't use one unless its in a locking trem system. Can anyone clarify this idea?
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It's meant to point down because if you are strumming or playing aggressively without the need of the bar yet, you won't hit the bar, you grab it when you need to.
yeh, i like mine loose. if its a strat trem you could just keep tightening it but dont go to far you could do major damage
You probably stripped it. I don't know what to tell you.
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if u stripped the bar. then pick up a new bar like said.

if the threads in the nut are stripped, ur running the risk that ull put a bar in there, and itll get stuck in there.

so try to get another bar that fits or...

if its a cheap copy and i knew i wanted a bar in there always, i would wrap, a thin layer of tape (usually i say plumbers tape) but any tape i guess.
i would screw it in until its tight, and leave it there. if u try to remove it it could get stuck.

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