im thankin of buying that guitar and was wonderin if anyone has played it and what they think of it and the edge pro III(dont bitch about it being to hard and time consuming, its not that difficult) I know its up to me but i just wanna hear some opinions.

i play lots of stuff..mainly ////Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Floyd/Classic rock/Alice in chains/you get the idea
Well, here's a testament to how cheap the Edge III is. I was in the store playing that guitar and when I did a dive bomb the whammy bar popped out of the bridge, over and over again. Save your money and buy something with a better bridge. You will get over the looks of it very quickly.

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If the Edge Pro is set up correctly, then it actually kicks a bit of ass.

Judging by that you have a Marshalll MG100DFX, here is a testament of how crap it is: I was trying it once in the guitar store, my gosh, even with my Gibson Les Paul, it sounded like a cheap plywood strat copy!
its not an edge pro III its just an Edge III. what amp do you use? and apparently ibanez have been trying to improve their lower trems so who knows maybe you could get lucky with the trem