I'm very inexperienced in changing pickups and I was wondering how difficult it would be to swap out single coils out of say a Fender Strat? Any online instructions? Or would I be better off bringing it into a shop to have it done right?

Gracias in Advance.
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the new pick ups u bought didnt come with intructions? ur gonna need to take it to a place if u dont have a soldering iron and some solder
Just buy a soldering iron and do it your self, as long as you know where they go it's easy.
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Well with single coils it's very easy. They only have two wires.

Solder one to the back of the volume pot and one to the pickup switch. Just basically solder the wires in place of where the old pickup's wires were.

The wires aren't inerchangeable. One goes to the volume and one to the pickup switch I'm not sure which is which. Just look at the instructions it should tell you.