Jesus Christ no.
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thats crazy
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some guy today was all like, " ahah dude likez OMG you wanna see ma HUGE SAUSAGGE??? likez ZOMG its tEH biggest EVER! " And i was all like, no dude show me your DICK
What are you guys talking about?

Of course it would.

As long as you shoot a video of you putting them on, and the guitar exploding and killing you.

Then have someone send it to me.

If you do that then it'll definitely work.
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would putting bass strings on a guitar work? like could it be used for a bass

take a look at the nut, do you think bass strings fit there?
and how about the tuners.
It's Just NO.
Get new tuners, new pickups, new nuts and a new bridge, then it might work

Oh yea, if you actually want to play a note, then get a longer scale neck, truss rod adjustment, intonation and action.
For the amount of time and money you'd spend modifying a guitar into a bass (and having it still sound like sh*t), you could drive cross-country and buy a bass and a decent amps for it, then drive home.

In other words,

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