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4 24%
11 65%
dont care
2 12%
Voters: 17.
unwound. easier to solo with.
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i dont really care

i prefer it in tune honestly ^.^ (my most recent guitar before the schecter i got had a problem with the G andD strings
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my g-string always rides up, so i prefer unwound; feels smoother. but thats just me
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un wound for elec wound for acoustic
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Wound all the way.

Actually if possible, I would love all strings to be wound, those thing strings get on my nerves.

Anyone know any brand of guitar strings which make a full set of wound sttrings?
I play heavey gauges...13's/12's....so have taken a preferance to wound.
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Uh.............. the one which offers a nicer view of the pussy.......

Anyway, un-wound...... Cuz I'm into Yngwie, Gilbert, and...... Gilmour.....
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