Ok, so I'm finally buying an acoustic guitar. prise the lord.

And i'm sure you see this thread all the time.

I have 300-500$ and am looking for a thinner acoustic-electric. It has to be comfortable to play (i hate wide acoustics), and with a LP cutoff. If it matters, i play a lot of classic and garage rock and i make a lot of acoustic covers from other songs.

I need a few durable guitars, which i will go to guitar center and look at to see how i like playing them.
Ibanez exotic wood series.
You can get one with Bband electronics that sound kickass, and a cutaway with a really cool figure that sounds good to me.
The quilted ash one sounds really punchy with lots of bass unplugged and like a standard piezo plugged into a PA.
I highly recommend it.
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nothing is coming up for ibanez exotic wood, is there another name for it?

I tried and liked this. is it a peice of crap or is it decent?

also, will plugging the acoustic through an amp for my electric break the amp, or will it just sound crappy?
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DO NOT buy an Ibanez acoustic. You can get much better quality guitars for cheaper with other companies. My advice? Check out the best guitar for under $300 sticky. You can get most of those with electronics for under $500. If your stuck on getting a thinbody guitar, I would look at the Washburn Festival series. I've owned the EA20SDL and it was an awesome guitar in that category. It also has the B-Band preamp, but it has a solid spruce top and quilted maple back and sides.

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I wouldn't buy an Epiphone acoustic either. Had you looked at the thread I told you about, you would have seen Alvarez, Yamaha, Art and Lutherie , and a Takamine. Those are the brands that I would recommend to you in that price range. You pay for the name when you purchase acoustic guitars such as Epiphone, Fender, and Ibanez.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.

Because you are wanting something thin and durable you might want to look into ovation too. I hate ovation guitars but they do a good job making the guitar they want to make and the people that do like ovation REALY like ovations so they are worth a look.
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