ive been playing for a while now and i need some new stuff in my playing. i dont really know any guitar "tricks" other than the ones i came up with. is there a site or something i can find common tricks....and good ones. ive seen a few sites and they suck.

i mean tricks like a stylish way to go up and down parts of scales. should i just keep practicing and work on it my self?
I am a little confused, so if you could clarify a few things...

Do you mean "tricks" as in playing behind your head and other nonsense, or techniques to help your playing?

And by "stylish way to go up and down parts of scales" do you mean having your playing look good, or sound good?
Alright. Two techniques that you may not be THAT familiar with are tapping and sweep picking. If used properly, they can open up new means for you to play. Here is a tapping lesson and a sweeping lesson.

Now, mind you, these are just two techniques. There are loads of ways to improve your playing using techniques you already have, but it's too late for me to post more ideas. Just have a look at those two lessons, and I'm sure other people will post with good stuff.
two-handed tapping that doesn't just sit on one string (ie. uses the 1st and then 2nd string back n' forth). looks good, sounds even better. Just learn your arpeggios and you'll know how to make it work.