ok, this has been driving me nuts for a while. lets say you come across a sweep like this:

E ----5----------------
B --------5------------
G ------------5--------
D ----------------7----
A --------------------7
E ----------------------

how would you go about the notes that are on the same fret? ive heard of two methods, the first would be to use the same finger for the same fret and so on, and the second would be to alternate between the 1st and 2nd finger in this case for something like the 5th fret group.

Thoughts would be appreciated, because maybe now ill be able to sleep assured.
yeah just use one finger for the 5's and another finger for the 7's then just pick stroke up.
U shud put ure index finger across the strings where the 5th fret is and then ure ring finger(i think) on the D+A strings 7th fret. To do this sweep correctly without it sounding like a strum which it will if u dont do wot im gonna say, with ure index finger on the 5th fret on the first 3 strings u roll ure finger as u glide across the strings, this is a pain in the ass or at least it was for me anyway but eventually u get it, do the same with ure ring finger on the 7th frets on the 4th and 5th strings.
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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i just tried the alternating thing and it didnt work too well for me, maybe just because im not used to it. all the "pros" that i have seen sweep though use just the 1 finger
There's a couple approaches you could take with it.

First off all, alternating between 1 & 2 is BAD. You'd never be able to pick up any
speed with that and it would be really awkward.

The easiest approach would be the barre/roll. Index barres and rools on the 5th
fret and ring finger on 7.

A much harder approach, and something a really really good player might consider
is to "piano roll" it. It gives a much more articulated sound and it's possible to
do it just as fast as the barre approach.

Basically, going from low to high notes, the fingering would be: 3-4-1-2-3 or possibly

Finally, a combination of both approaches could work as well.