Okay, so. I made some lyrics last night. The best that I've made.
But then as I was writing the guitar part i noticed....I can't play difficult pieces while singing!! =[

So like, now I'm limited to things like....BRIGHT EYES!!!
which isn't bad but I don't wanna be making like 40 songs that sound like Poison Oak and Landlocked Blues. Are there any tips that people know about this topic?
Thanks in advance. =]
either learn the lyrics or the guitar well enough that it doesn't take any effort to do. that'll get one thing out of the way and you can work on the other.
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just keep practicing...it takes time.
i used to have trouble playing just 8th note rythym powerchords.
no i can play some lead stuff and sing.
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yeah, get Guitar Pro 4 or 5 for ur comp, do out the music on there, and/or look to see where the vocals' rhythm meets the guitar's. Slow down when learning it, even if it's ALOT. In interviews, this is exactly (not the GP4/5 part) what Children of Bodom's Alex Laiho does to be able to sing metal and also play thrash-based metal riffs. I'm gonna be running in2 the same problem since i'm playing in a metal band and i'm on lead guitar/lead vocals. lol Good luck to ya.
well, I started out and found singing and playing tought, thats why I play punk rock, and rythm while my other giutarist absolutley shreds. Um, yeah do what Nor'Easterbass said and get guitar pro 4, or 5 (I suggest 5 its what I have, and its better) and tab it out there. Good luck!
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