why do ppl hate avenged sevenfold so much?
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because there is so much better out there. kids think a7x are the greatest band to come out of metalcore when they really arent. a7x were just a band that got popular by making cliche music and crappy lyrics and they got alot more attention then they deserve. they also seem to be pretty arrogant as I think they are all anti-gay or something.
Ive never really heard of any people disliking them, guess I havent been around much..

They are 50/50 with me...some songs would be great but I cant get into a song with crappy screamo vocals like on their older stuff

and one of their influences is hair metal, and no one likes hair metal

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I don't get it...

Dave Mustaine?

Is that the guy who wasn't good enough for Metallica?

If you like Nu-metal... check these guy's myspace out
yep A7X used to be a pretty good, metalcore band back with sounding of the 7th trumpet, they kept getting worse, then they released one of the worst albums ever, its horrible. ya they are anti-gay, and Bush supporters. and M shadows is as cocky as it gets, and i love hair metal, sorry...
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They're pretty good, but get a bit too emo at times.

you dont know what emo is.