i am wanting to upgrade amps from my fender deluxe 112 pictured here http://www4.airnet.ne.jp/splash/images2/pa/fender.jpg

to a fender FM 412 head

and cab combo

my question concerning all this is if i buy the half stack will it have the same main sound for the clean channel as the 112 because they have the same control knobs for the clean channel (treble, mid, bass)....
yeah buddy dontget them. Im going to tell you straight foward. they SUCK. all fender solid state sucks. Just beacuse its loud, it isnt good, just beacuse its big, doesnt make it the best. and if a halfstack costs less than 600$ its bound to suck.

what kind of music do you like?
you need a combo
Every amp in the world will have the same controls on each of its channels....bass, mids, treble......but each channel will sound completely different, even if set the same....you must have been horribly misinformed.

As it is still a fender, it may be close, but the amp is not much of an upgrade. Just bigger and louder, with no real tone.

Look into a small fender tube combo for some real clean tones!
i bought a line 6 spider 210 combo and i hate it because i feel like i have no control. do you have a half stack in my price range of 500 to 900 dollars with a great clean channel for a fender esquire gt guitar??