Greetings. Lately I've been hearing a lot about EMGs in an Alder body and how they dont sound good. I have an Alder Jackson with EMGs and I like the rhythm tone but the lead is pretty bad. However, I've always just assumed it was my P.O.S. SS amp. Can you guys tell me if its just my amp or if EMGs in Alder really just don't go well together. Thanks.
EMGs in alder will sound really bright and not too good for what they were meant to do.
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You need a high end amp to really make EMG's sound like they should...I doubt your amp is doing that.....

what do you mean by high end... like 500-1000? 1000-1500? 1500-2000???
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Depends....it's all in the amps tone also. A tube combo would definitely help (peavey XXX, marshall JCM on the lower end).....then, there is Mesa, ENGL, Framus, Diezel, and it keeps going.

Whats the best amp i can get for an awesome heavy/death metal tone with awesome cleans???
Mesa Boogie if you have a few thousand dollars to spare, i'd say get a Peavey XXX.
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Mesa Boogie if you have a few thousand dollars to spare, i'd say get a Peavey XXX.

U can get most mesa's on ebay for $1,100 which is the price of a new 100 watt XXX. The 5150 is much beter than the XXX IMO, and considerably cheaper.
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Man, I really love the sound of EMG's and Alder. It's what my next guitar is going to be {LTD KH-603). They sound good for a lead sound through an awesome amp.
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How do we know if your amp is doing that or not if you dont ****ing tell us what it is?

whoah now buddy calm down. dont pop any veins or anything it's all good lol. i have a randall rh200 head with a randall 412 which i can't get a good tone out of. actually i get better lead sounds through a spider II no joke.

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Emg+alder+dark sounding amp = decent sound.

Yeah i was figuring that would kind of equalize it out. ive been saving for a 5150 I think that'll do the trick.
Actually withthe dark sounding amp, it will sound very interesting and unique, so try it out.
I don't think that it will equalize out, but they will sort ot bind together and form some cool new tones.
Ok EMGS in Alder sound very thin and Very Bright. The Reasons Hammetts sound good is that they are not in alder they are in Maple as his guitars are neck thru maple with alder wings. EMGS do good in Maple because it dense and heavy. Putting EMGs in solid alder i dotn think is a good idea its just thin and they dont sound good. If you put them in Maple with alder wings you will be good. But im not sure how well they will sound with a randall as it is solid state and EMGs sound best through a tube amp
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