Hi...I'm looking for help for my bassist in my band...I'm a guitarist myself. Ive learned to become familiar with the effect a bass has when it is playing directly what a guitar is playing. It has a really nice sound to it, and is good for certain songs. However, how would you suggest I make music for a bass to go with my guitar? Sorry if this question is kind of vague, but I am trying to deviate from just converting the guitar notes to bass strings. I'd like to make genuine bass music, seperate but complimentary to my guitar work. Ive seen it work before in other songs and it sounds real nice. My bassist cant do it by himself cus he lacks the creative muscle and he hasnt been playing for too long either. Do you guys have any techniques or tricks you use when making complimentary parts for a song?
What style do you play?
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I dont try to categorize my playing, but if I try to aim for classic rock. I have a lot of weird sort of classical sounding songs with interesting beats. The only real identifable classic rock song I have are riff-heavy and I tend to just have the bass play the guitar part also, which I think works well. I'm sorry, this question is probably hard to answer without hearing any of my music...any experiences you guys have in doing this sort of stuff would be helpful.
im not a bassist, but when i work on bass riffs for my songs i try to outline chord tones. obviously the root is going to be the strongest note to use, but other chord tones usually fit in really well. this means that the fifth and third are good notes to use, and maybe any other notes in the chord. just outlining the basic triad of the chord in a rhythm that fits well with the song and drums can really work for a bass line. obviously its not complex, but that comes with time.

one thing you can do is build up to a note chromatically to add a little something. like say you want to go from the root to the major third and usually are playing eighth notes. you could hit the root on the 1 & 2, then go up a semitone twice for the next & u, before hitting the major third on 3. still pretty basic, but it gets some tension into the bass line without it being overly complex. to start i would just build around chord tones and try to add what you can to give it a little spice if you need it.
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Join my quest for a cheap, quiet, high gain, tube amp!

Or just PM me with suggestions.
You might want to get a bass player who actually knows what they're doing then.

Part of being a bass player is knowing the theory and method behind constructing insteresting basslines.

Right from the start though, think about it. If you play a chord that rings out for two measures and tell the bassist to do something cool underneath it, he already has a few options. He can arpeggiate the chord you just played, he can play in a mode of that chord, he can play in the same scale as that chord, etc. There's so many different directions you can go.
This is why guitarist who convert to bass stand out like a sore thumb.. they are playing MELODY on the bass. Bass is a RHYTHM instrument. I can't explain how i work to be honest, it just takes time and understanding of the instrument. I was a bassist first, so it comes natural to create a bassline and my guitarist jumps on top of it. It's much harder when my guitarist comes out with a melody and say "create a bassline for that". I can still do it, but it takes more time for me.

Post a clip, and i will put a bassline to it and show you what i mean...
I dont have the ability to post my music on my computer, cus i suck with computers. But I'll try and give you a song that I want him to put a bass line to. I dont know if you have a guitar, but this is the best I can do. And its definitely not classic rock, its one of my odder songs I think there is a good bass line to be made though.
Standard tuning BTW Sorry its a bit cramped.

verse(notes are on 1-2-3-4) bridge(notes are 1-2-3&4&, except for the chords which are 1-2-3&4)

D-/9---8---7--- 8--------------0-----------------------0-----------------0------------5--5---5-5-5