I stepped on my cable and stud up of my char "crack". now my pick Gard is broken and thares only static sound coming out i guess some wire came lose or something. i don't wanna take it to get it fix so tomorrow when i wake up I'm going to open it up and try to fix it. I never soderd before but i guess can learn. and ill guest ill probably use black duked tape to hold the cracked pick Gard together. o yeah its a white Harmony I got at the swap shop for 50$ do you think its a god idea four me to fix it myself and if so can i get some tips or ideas four a low budget fix thanks in advance

PS I want to buy a new Schecter but only have 100$ out of the 399$ need but I can always beg my parents
i wish i could but i don't have a camera but there's not much to see anyways the damage is mostly internal
If you want to solder it here must be something to see. How do you expect us to help? You will say - uh, this, ummm, cable is , eee....loose. What do I do?
You wont probably know where to solder it and if you do it wrong, you can short circuit it...
now i opened up my guitar there is a loss ground wire but i don't know where it goes can someone give me a link to a diagram or something?

PS i think its a ground because its a bare Cooper wire.
Sounds like an easy fix. Is the disconnected wire coming from the PU or is it going to the output jack where you plug in your guitar cable?

The output jack should have 2 wires, one hot and one ground. This will be obvious when you inspect it. I'm suspecting it's the jack output wire that got disconnected because you only hear static, I suppose from all the switch positions.

If it was one of the PU wires, at least one of the PUs should work ... assuming you have 2 or 3 PUs (not familiar with your guitar).

If the loose wire is from a PU, you can probably get a wiring diagram from your guitar manufacturer's website.

All these are based on the assumptions that you understand basic wiring AND soldering to get it fixed. Good Luck and TTT for the UG's Pink Electrician.
My soldering went grate i tested it and no more noise. i went to the guitar store to try and find a new pickguard to replace my old one since its four an old Harmony guitar .at the end i decided to make my own. i went scavenging in my nabors yard and found a big peace of plexiglass I finished tracing and cutting out the pickguard. at first i was thinking of just leaving it clear so people can see whats inside, but since my body is mad of plywood I'm going to try and glow a piece of black construction tape. when I'm done ill put up pic but i have to steal my sisters camera. peace out four now. sorry four the bade grammar/spelling