Yeah its about I got this solo thing going. Basically this is just a demo of the first song I want make for a solo project called "Castle".

Please listen and tell me what you think, I will glady listen to any of your originals and tell you what I think.

(P.S. Im aware I made some stupid mistakes haha, rememeber this is only a demo.)

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I like it alot.
Wish i could hear you sing more though during the first verse or whatevs its called.
Also. I would get your voice higher. Maybe try to match up with the Chords playing or get along the same note. I think thatd make ti sound a whole lot better then it is now.
Kay sweet.
Peace Bro. Good luck with the final version

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your playing is really solid, great work. how long have you played guitar for?
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I honestly thought this was brilliant, the only problem i had(it is a fairly large problem)is your voice! I don't mean to say you have a bad voice, it's just masked by the music. Really, crank the volume on your mic. I also think you sung a little low at times, that it seemed like you were out of key. Other than that, like i said, brilliant.
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wow, thank you all for the support. haha i didnt know it was THAT good. but yeah ill keep it up and next time ill work on the vox more. thank you all.
wow loving the start. Nice playing. Wish the vox where a bit clearer, but what i can hear they sound great, Stone roses-esqe, Wow I really like this. A little too much echo on vox. This is awesome though love the Strings at the end. Its the kind of song that takes you on a trip, and before you know it youre at the end. Awesome. If you could just clean up the vocals a little bit, but thats minor.
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your playing is really solid, great work. how long have you played guitar for?

Quote by stratstrummer40
about 3 years. but for the first year i never touched my guitar haha.

I find it hard to play a guitar if you dont touch it...

Sounds good tho, i'd suggest lowering the reverb on your voice a lot, also turn them up a bit. work on equalizing your instruments so it gets a fuller sound (also a TON cleaner) and that will stop the cliping. So other than that, i really like the guitar, good work.

P.S. As a comment to another post u left : "I really don't understand what everyone is talking about in regards to the acoustic and the bass. I don't hear anything wrong with that." -- Thats because you have to train your ear a bit.. i noticed a lot of frequency meshin in your song as well, so im assuming you havent produced MUCh stuff yet.

Anyways, just crit'in :P. Keep up the good work!
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^ Yeah man, its all good. I mean with your song I just felt the bass didnt do much but almost take away from the feel of the acoustic guitar. Thats just what I thought, other then that it was marvelous.

And yeah, this was totally rough, Im going over a pals house at some point to sit down and try it get it all figured out along with some other tunes. Thanks guys for the crits, I really appreciate it
sorry for the late crit.

I really love this intro and the chords, can't really hear the vocals, turn down the music or boost the vox what you want to do, the bits i can hear sounds like you have a nic voice, and the guitar is just brilliant, so awesome man. Yes man just up those vocals, but dude the music is wonderful, I love it all. The music is really flawless everything i think flowed together just brilliantly, awesome man, the only problem is how the vocals are mixed. other than that everything perfect, great song, keep it up. love it.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
hey there.....wow this is real good. i really like the music and tunes that come together around 3min....really cool....but yeh the vox are a bit soft and low.....real nice work tho, im impressed