I can play almost any rhythm section of most songs but cant play some of the simplest solos. Can someone help me?
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practice, thats really all you can do. find an easy solo you like and play it slowly and work it up. it doesnt even have to be a solo, a fun one to learn is that papa roach song about suicide. it has a cool riff just play that and work it up till you can play it ten imes faster than he can. then find another riff you like and do the same
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learn theory.
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Ok look,in music you always start to learn something really slow and then you go to the faster.It's good to use a metronome and take it step by step.
Now try "Knockin' on heavens door"(the 1st one) for the momment it's quite easy.
Try learning it slow first with a metronome, and you'll get fine,it needs patience and practise!
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lol as everyone said practice and get lessons...they help **** loads...but if ya cant afford it just learn scales and that off the net