My Beautiful Rainbow

About the irony and similarities between colors and the world and villains.

Red blood runs down his chest, couldn?t admit to his own mess
I wonder how he would live without God, would he still be alive or not?

Blue sky is what it used to be, it?s dyed black so what will it be?
Even if you try to die the world back, you?ll be put back into the act

As the clouds opened up, lightning?s ways closed off
Why haven?t your heaven shown my beautiful rainbow?

Green, my shamrocks used to give me luck, now it?s gone and under the tuck
Even if a poison would bring him down to his knees, we?d all see to his needs

Yellow, a bright sun would burn his flesh, but it would give in to his wish
But if the bad pictures that were put into his mind, ?killing you? all you?d find


Dark is it enough to dim my world, our planet to him is an abused girl
Can?t no one reign over him, he?s afraid that he?ll be beaten down to a whim

Guitar solo

Light lights this dead end street
Light lights the for you, my sweet, darling, no
Light lights the way to see
But night, night can discolor me