I'm not sure if this has been asked before, butI have been playing bass for a while now. I like to consider myself average, if not a little above, but I just don' t know how to get more speed in my playing. I have been jamming with guys into writing quick parts, which I often write different lines to, but sometimes i like to double their notes and really push the bottom end. Are there any exercises or techniques that can help me play faster?
thank you
first, im not a bass player, but ill give you some advice which helped me gain speed on guitar. a lot of people say start slow and build it up. excellent advice, but that alone doesnt get you there the fasest. i did a lot of hand and finger strengthening by sqeezing tennis balls, which helped a lot. and one thing i think a lot of people overlook is technique. make sure your playing with proper technique, this will make it easier to play fast.
get a metronome if you dont have one!!!!!! start slow and work up to speed......practice chromatic, major, minor, and blues scales.....you need to practice alot....malmsteen didnt learn to melt faces over night......it takes time.....and use the metronome......also make sure all your fingers are proficient.....you should be just as accurat with your pinky as your index finger.etc.....
Fingers mostly, hardly ever pick, just when the song requires it. Actually, the only one I know of that I play that uses a pick is "Peace Sells" by Megadeth.
new technique is a good start


Never use a damn pick....

Now supposing you do not want to do double thump...

Start looking at guys Like Jaco Pastorius, Donna Lee, once you learn it is a real speed builder....

What I did was I would play Cello Excersises, when you plan it out properly for a economy of motion where you use all four fingers and only moveing your left hand when nessecary...
it cramps up you left hand at first, but after enough practice and learning enough different excersises your left hand and right hand with be REALLY FAST the faster you get those pieces going
u dont need to use a pick if u dont want
i play peace sells without the pick and it kiks ass...
to gain speed do this


after you done this, go down one fret, i mean 2h3 and so on...
im a finger player

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