Anyone here own a VOX Tonelab original or SE? What I want to know is if I can get a good metal tone from it. I know that the tone will be warmer than that of a Line 6 Pod because of the tube in the Tonelabs.

So how about it? Can I get some mean crunch from the Tonelab or not? Thanks.
you can any tone you want from that thing. I've got a friend who has one. It's amazing.
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You most certainly can

Out of all the modlers the Tonelab has the most clear cutting realistic tone at least IMO. I had a PodXT for one day and took it back to trade it for a Tonelab. Id never consider anything else it just kills!
Yes you can. It sounds surpisingly very good through the headphones out put too. I saling my getting a 4x12 cab, but only because i have another tonelab se to use.

Here are two videos of the tonelab se, but there not metel stuff.

its quite nice indeed, theyre no full valve stacks, but for versatility and recording, theyre wonderful and worth the money in the long term
I may not be so great with active pickups..just give it a try. there is a 30 day money back guaranty at guitar center no questions asked...

There is also a new tonelab LE. It packs a bit more punch in this department. One of the pedal effects is modeled after the metalzone pedal..whether this is good or bad is up for debate
I have some issues with the display now on the Tonelab... Its never left the house even the table and zero abuse now the damn display is always garbled . Still sounds great though.
I saw a guy demo the Tonelab LE at the NAMM show in January. That thing is unbelieveable. One of my amps is an older Line 6 AX212 which sounds pretty good for what it is, but the Tonelab blows it out of the water. I'm thinking of getting one just to play around with it (it may be a while, though. My wife's still pissed about the Mojave I got a couple months ago).
The Tonelab's Brian May/Queen tone & early EVH are just ridiculously great.
PS- I've also owned a POD, & the Tonelab is much better.
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