Ok so this is nowhere near done yet.I just randomly wrote it. If im ever in a band this would be a perfect opener,even the name Belligerency which is another word for war, would be a good album name.To get an idea of what the guitars and vocals would sound like listen to declaration by trivium.this song was inspired by it.


Light the match
Burn it all down
What has become of this world
Its time to end it all
Time to take over
What was ours,what will be
Armegeddon is on its way
Its time, to take back what was ours
We have lived here so long
They took it, dismantled to the core
They do not belong
Its time to
Its our time for a war!!
Untill the death
Fight, for what
We belive in
What we stand for
Who we are
Its time
Casualites two billion twenty four
We fought,fought till the end
Fought, for what we belived in
Fought for our freedom
Fought for everything

Right now i guesse its more a poem,but like i said i just randomly wrote it.In like 5 minuts.