I was really considering getting an ESP LTD M-200FM but after reading reviews i dont like the sound of the agathis body or the EMG-ESP pickups. are the reviews just over critical? would it really make that much of a difference if the body was alder? anyway i mainly just want a guitar with 24 frest and a floyd rose tremolo.
you should look into a Jackson DXMG Dinky
i got one a while back and ive been playing guitar for 8 years now, and this guitar is just great, it never makes any out of the ordinary sounds, unless you want it to. the pickups are great
floyd rose is on it, has 24 frets and at guitar center itll cost you a good 400 but its well worth it
If you choose to buy the Jackson, I´d recommend to buy spare volume and tone pots...they seem to break within the few months...I have an old PS-2 and the pots broke after 3 months of use. I replaced them with some cheap parts and after that:no problems whatsoever..
about the LTD its all personal also its dependant on your amp aswell. btw the trem on both the jackson and LTD are pretty crap